Who am I?

Personal Details

Elliot's Story

Since a kid, Elliot’s taken everything apart to figure out how it works, if there was hacking potential and wouldn’t reassemble until he knew everything there was to know. Through this he has been nicknamed the company “swiss army knife” and he is often asked, “is there anything you can’t do?”

When he was 21, he started a small software as a service company serving attorneys in the Austin area, but began giving the service away free of charge to return to school. In the past 3 years, Elliot has taught himself accounting to land the role of Accounting Director for the Texas Chiropractic Association in 2010. He left there in 2011 to seek an opportunity at the Charfen Institute as their analyst, where he was awarded the company’s MVP award two years in a row. There, he identified serious fraud from the CPA, and worked with the Secret Service on prosecuting and recovering millions stolen.

At the same time, he developed a Business Intelligence platform and Financial Reporting System from scratch, which provided the company daily metrics as well as provided the Executive team with invaluable data for decision making. He managed the finance department, and as the company downsized, quickly stepped up to manage the Development and IS departments. Still itching from the entrepreneurial bug that bit him at age 21.

Elliot left the Charfen Institute to start his own adventure as an entrepreneur and provides consulting and manages several successful products.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2013 October - Present

Digital Grove


Job Description

Senior Graphic Designer
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Art Director
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2011 April - 2013 August

The Charfen Institute

Manager of Business Intelligence and Technology Services

Job Description

A leading knowledge and intellectual content company whose training and coaching products provide small business owners with the tools, coaching and inspiration to grow. Charfen won the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Private Company #21 in 2011 and #187 in 2012.

  • Led the Finance, Software Development and Information Technology departments, managing 6 employees.
  • Created an automated system to bring CRM data in-house using API, where it was used to create a custom CRM and telephony solution for the Sales and Member Services Departments.
  • Provided rapid responses to business questions by Executive leadership & consulted with department leaders to optimize processes and provide needed insights into operations
  • Developed a custom, data-driven, financial application using C#, SQL and Excel, which coupled with analysis created all semi-weekly financial reports used by the Executive Team for decision making.
  • Lead forensic audit and bank reconciliation of over 40 million dollars across 4 years to investigate suspected fraud. Contacted Secret Service, and provided around 1,000 pages of structured evidence for Attorney General to pursue $1.3m Federal Fraud case.
  • Developed a custom application for maintaining credit card information on customers through CRM, which automated the collection of over $500,000 without requiring contact and lost revenue.
  • Drove the creation of key business metrics, including the Executive Team. Developed company dashboard systems to provide management with intelligence needed to drive business processes through transparency and accountability.

2010 January - 2011 April

Texas Chiropractic Association

Accounting Director

Job Description

An organization providing protection and statewide advocacy for chiropractors. Funded by member dues, continuing education revenue and donations, the TCA works with attorney and lobbyist firms to stay on top of critical legislation and file suits to protect the rights of Chiropractors.

  • Developed a website that integrated the preexisting local Microsoft Access database for billing and user management, allowing for the development of registration, donation and payment forms to enable the 1,200 members to complete these tasks online.
  • Quickly developed and implemented automated solutions for daily accounting processes, saving 3 hours a day
  • Programmed custom data scraping and aggregation software to collect and organize license renewal data on Texas chiropractors, established ongoing process to improve member service with expiration notices, resulting in a 30% increase in educational revenue
  • Prepared the first true annual report for the Board of Directors annual meeting, containing new financial statements, membership metrics and cash flow projections for the Association and its 3 other entities

My Education


2008 December

Texas State University

Bachelors Degree

Inducted into the Council of Scholars


  • Travis Brodeen

    CTO, The Charfen Institute

    Having met thousands of highly intelligent, talented and driven people over my career I can honestly say, without hesitation and with all due respect: Elliot is the most brilliant person I've met. He is destined for greatness.

  • Robert Sansom

    CFO, The Charfen Institute

    I had the distinct pleasure of working with Elliot Boney at the Charfen Institute for 2 1/2 years. After spending as little as five minutes with Elliot you may start to believe that he is a special talent, after spending several years working with him I can confirm that this initial belief would be accurate. Elliot is a highly skilled, incredibly hard-working, utility player that can be successful in a variety of situations.

  • Jessica Souza

    Marketing Coordinator

    Elliot is by far one of the most intelligent people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's not only a joy to work around, but he's a major asset to any company. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn't as dedicated, knowledgeable, skilled, and forward-thinking. If you want your company to grow and flourish, you truthfully do need him on your team. He's a man of many talents, and exceeds at every one of them.

  • Marc van Bree

    Marketing Analyst

    Every marketer needs an Elliot. Whether you need no-nonsense intelligence and analyses to advance your business or creative technical solutions to automate and integrate your sales and marketing, Elliot makes your job easier. He tackles every problem with a refreshing directness and succinctness that drives timely results. And he’s a great colleague to boot.

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge

Knowledge Nutshell

  • Analytical Skills
  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic & Tactical Planning
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Scrubbing & Mining
  • Financial Analysis & Reporting
  • Quickbooks / Peachtree
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Process Analysis & Automation
  • Accounting Processes
  • Ad-Hoc Queries
  • Application Development
  • .NET/C#, php/MySQL
  • Graphic Design / Adobe CS
  • Wordpress / WP Themes
  • Application Development
  • CRMs & CRM Integrations


Javascript 86%
C#/ASP.net 73%
PHP 79%
Ruby/Python 43%

My latest work


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    Digital Grove


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    BirdHome [birdhome.com]